Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Limited edition Pink Rooted Ground

Without Pink Ribbon

With Pink Ribbon

Limited edition Pink Rooted Ground trees. 
 **Only 25 available. 
Short pieces are pink & green ($55) 8”x 19.75” 
Tall ones have ribbons at the bottom for breast cancer awareness. ($75) 7” x 24” 

Free with other art purchase $150 of over. 
Available while supplies last thru the month of October


****Note: Please also add shipping to the cart if you need the item shipped. Add multiples of shipping if you are shipping to many locations. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Help Rare Species Conservatory Foundation

Over the last several years, the organization Rare Species Conservatory Foundation opened my eyes to find much appreciation for so many great creatures. They have rehabilitated thousands of wildlife and reintroduced them back to their native land. They are in need of serious help.

Photos Courtesy of RSCF

Hurricane Irma spared so many of us; only left many us with maybe loss of power; some yard work, but the RSCF location got hit very hard. 

The property has been destroyed and needs major work. This puts the animals at risk of being displaced and not getting the proper care that they need for rehabilitation. 

Photos Courtesy of RSCF

This includes also growing the population of these beautiful animals. I created for animals for this organization's art exhibition several years ago at a show called Wild Things. I would like to help this organization the best way I can. And that is with art. I still have four of the works. I would like to raise some money for them. So if you purchase any of four pieces 50% of sale will go directly to RSCF.

Golden Lion Tamarin


Green Parrot

Imperial Parrot

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