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Photo Courtesy of West Palm Beach Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Anthony Burks Sr. is one of the most unique conceptual artists in America. His paintings mix colored pencils, watercolor, pen, and ink, and are characterized by his unusual choice of colors. Whether depicting birds, animals, or people, Anthony is able to convey the intertwining of their beauty and their strength. He chooses his subjects because of what they mean to him, and he tells their stories through his combination of realistic forms, bright colors, and abstract images.

            A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Anthony has exhibited at galleries, museums, and events for over twenty years, including: the Endangered Species of Florida Exhibition at the Paul Fisher Gallery; Collaboration: African Diaspora at the Armory Art Center; juried exhibit at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens; CONTINUUM, a gallery that was an extension of ArtSynergy and ArtPalmBeach; Wild Things, an art exhibition benefitting the Rare Species Conservancy; and Elements, a collaboration with three artists to promote the understanding of South Florida’s ecosystem and The Everglades. His painting “Freedom 2001” can be found in the Cornell Museum Permanent Collection.

            Anthony mentors fellow artists young and old, teaching them his techniques and encouraging them to pursue their own creative talents. He is also the co-founder of A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers where he curates shows for other artists and promotes the local arts scene. He is presently working on a coffee table book of his paintings and drawings.

Artist Statement

            My works result from the blending of my mind and heart. It is a gift from God that I love and cherish immensely. Whether choosing a bird, animal or beautiful woman as my subject, I achieve diversity by incorporating into my art bright colors and abstract images. I want my audience to be as free in viewing my work as I am in creating it.
            Change is a challenge for many artists, but I have learned to embrace it. I am constantly inspired by the artists that I mentor and the shows that I curate. My artwork evolves as I create new collections that tell new stories. I am eager to tackle the next stage of my artistic journey.

Endangered Florida Wildlife

Anthony was inspired to put together a show by a conversation with a local environmental activist. His vision became a four-artist exhibit at the Paul Fisher Gallery. They partnered with three environmental sanctuaries, raising awareness of Florida endangered species. Anthony’s passion for wildlife renderings lead him to create this series, which includes the loggerhead sea turtle, Florida panther, snail kite, and black bear.

Mother Nature Series

In this series, butterflies are used to depict the beauty of nature through their prominently colored eyes. Mother Nature is depicted by a beautiful woman who is merged with the butterfly to watch over the earth.

Color Birds Series

The “Color Birds” series allows each bird to represent how they feel on the inside through expressive colors. Their natural colored feathers are shed, and an unexpected burst of new colors allows them to release their inner beauty. The birds are created using colored pencils on watercolor paper, wood, or cloth.

The Rooted Ground

If a tree had a mind or a soul of its own, what would it be? That question inspired Anthony to create The Rooted Ground series. The top of a tree may be cut or discarded, but its roots will survive. The roots are its soul, and will continue in the ground as earth creates nature again. Anthony compares this to the lives we lead, and the Circle of Life that is our life and death. Each time he creates a new Rooted Ground painting, his spirit dictates a new group of colors for those new roots.

The Mud Cloth Series

This series of paintings represents African and Black American culture. The symbols on the cloths are used as a form of communication among people, and can be traced back throughout African history. The Mud Cloths are mixed media paintings on watercolor paper, representing the traditional mud cloths created by African women centuries ago.

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